Clean Room HVAC

Clean Room HVAC

With regards to clean room HVAC, we provide contaminant and condition controls. The unpleasant “C-word prowls of all overs the place. Contaminant — undetectable to the eye can packet a strike and create ruin on item produce and trustworthiness if not managed This sets up a potential double whammy: hitting the company’s yield and bottom line.

Versatile Technologies is skilled at outlining and creating the “right ” warming, cooling, and ventilation systems for our clean room activity in a widely assortment of enterprises. Furthermore, obtaining the particular and configuration proper the first run through is vital since HVAC is coordinated into a building’s system, making alterations both tedious and costly.

Moreover, the plan, establishment, appointing, and capability of clean room HVAC contractors are the best observations in numerous ventures, especially for pharmaceutical, biotechnology manufacturing equipment. Clean Room hvac equipment manufacturers, suppliers and exporters services with validation company in GUJARAT India. In light of these conditions, CAT will build up a custom, consistent systems to help keep up each clean room spotless condition by permitting the suitable manual of fresh airs to all room at an exact temperature and humidity per your specification.

Services We Provide

  • Project Management
  • Complete HVAC low side and high side work
  • Indoor Air Quality
  • RH & Temperature control & monitoring
  • Humidification & De-Humidification
  • Ventilation

Indoor Air Quality

  • Elimination of air-borne bacteria in AC Ducts
  • Reduction in Toxic Gases, Odour & Smoke
  • CO levels kept within limits
  • Reduced Maintenance Cost
  • Clean Room Contractors

Clean room Validation Services

Versatile Technologies  offers a gamut of Calibration & Validation services for equipment & Clean room facilities based on the thorough understanding of cGMP standard.

We are providing to vast range of services to concern for clean room validations by our panels of specialists with us.

We perform validations as per ISO 14644, EU cGMP, US Federal Standard 209E, USFDA, guideline for all rooms classification.

All testing, reports and certification is regulated by our operating process which constitute part of our Quality Manual.

Any parameter outside the allowable range will be reported immediately and strategies and measures will be put in position to correct abnormal activity.

Our Validation Services include

  • Air Velocity Measurement
  • Molecule Counts Testing
  • Room Pressurization Test
  • Airflow Visualization Testing
  • Recovery Test
  • Temperature and Humidity Test

Air Velocity Measurement​

We provide air speed measurements and tests to decide the normal filters confront speed and consistency, and the normal room wind current speed and consistency inside a perfect room. Clean room ahu manufacturer, supplier and exporter services with system, pharma, area validation and designed in Mumbai India. The normal wind stream speeds are figured by isolating the aggregate of the air flow grille speed by the quantity of readings given.

DOP / PAO HEPA Filter Integrity Test

Our company manufacturers of entire HEPA/ULPA filtering respectability test service. We are offering for pharmaceutical and microelectronics enterprises. All filters honesty testing performs by our services as per the IES-RP-CC-001-86 and ISO 14644 standards. We are preparing to effect HEPA filters integrity test with all Octal Phthalate (DOP) and Poly Alpha Olefin (PAO) contingent upon customer office’s particular demands. Clean room ahu manufacturers, suppliers and exporters services with system, pharma, area validation and designed in Mumbai India. We provide assured to tests guarantee to client’s filtering is in conformity with differ principles and additionally overseeing organization prerequisites. Legitimate documentation and affirmation given by us and we also likewise predicts potentially execution issues and expands filters life.

Particle Count Tests

Our molecule add test gives complete airborne atom examine simplicity groupings. We are performed to decide the genuine molecule counts levels inside the office at the season of the tests. The test recognizes molecule rely on premise. The molecule size(s) of intrigue, the room inhabitancy states and the clean room validation grouping will be well known preceding the start of the test and will be as determined in the URS records

Room Pressurization Test

We conduct Room Pressurization Test for industrial clean rooms equipments. As a part of the validation process, this test verifies that a pressure differential meet the specified requirements.

Airflow Visualization Test

We are offering air flow visualizations tests as per a parts of the approval procedure. Representation has completed by utilizing water fogger and taking video graphs. The reason for the wind stream perception tests is to demonstrate the clear air stream design all through the unidirectional clean rooms. Clean room validation services with system, pharma and designed in Mumbai India. The tests can likewise be utilized to show the effect for air flow originated by equipments. It is superior to performance these tests after air flow speeds and consistency test and room pressure test has been achieved. The tests are deciding the air current examples inside a room utilizing ISO 14644 guideline. This visual observing services are imperative in:

  • Clean Room Laminar Air Flow
  • Air Flow Balancer
  • Clean room Validation Services
  • Points Exhausts test
  • Personnel protection exhaust verification
  • Pressure balance between room and space
  • Leakage detection in duct

Temperature and Humidity Test

We performances approval tests that incorporate temperatures and humidity measurement Test. We provides analysis of temperatures and humidity’s test has utilized by us relying upon the requirements. In the principal level, general temperatures and stickiness consistency has tried. The first level test has utilized to guarantee that the fine room’s HVAC systems keeps up the predefined level of temperatures and humidity’s required for inhabitant comforts. Our company provides levels testing distinguished that the spotless room HVAC system need to keep up the describe level of temperatures for user comforts to controls system.